September 14, 2020
PRESS RELEASE – The Boston Lawyers Group Returns to Mintz Headquarters
Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard
Lily Bowen
September 8, 2020
The Boston Lawyers Group Returns to Mintz Headquarters
Diversity-Focused Organization Also Announces Plans for New Leadership and Innovative Programming

BOSTON—The Boston Lawyers Group (BLG), an organization dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion at law firms and legal employers in the region, is pleased to announce that it will be taking up permanent office space at law firm Mintz’s Boston headquarters at One Financial Center. In addition, BLG is moving forward with plans for new leadership, as well as expanding its innovative programming.
“We are excited to begin our next chapter at Mintz, where our organization was founded, as we appoint new leadership and launch first-of-its-kind programming,” said Executive Director of the Boston Lawyers Group Carolyn Golden Hebsgaard. “We will continue to advance our collaborative efforts with our member organizations, law students, and local attorneys of color, as we strive to boost participation and identify the next generation of diverse legal leaders.”
Significantly, BLG is in the process of reconstituting its Executive Committee and Advisory Board, which will consist of senior leadership from law firms and other companies in the region, to steer its unique programming and strategic goals. The organization has received local and national recognition for its collaborative efforts to plan and execute dynamic diversity and inclusion initiatives. For example, BLG spearheads a summer internship program and 1L diversity clerkship program, and hosts an annual Diversity Job Fair. Past programming has included a mentor program, mock interview program, legal writing workshops, and various networking events.
“We are very pleased to again host the Boston Lawyers Group,” said Managing Member of Mintz’s Boston Office and Chair of the firm’s Corporate, Tax, Private Client & Immigration Division Michael Fantozzi. “While the workplace looks different right now, and will for some time, we’re looking forward to working closely with BLG and its leadership, as well as furthering Mintz’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion.”
Mr. Fantozzi added that Mintz continues to enthusiastically support BLG’s organizational goals, programming, and other educational and leadership efforts to drive greater diversity in Boston’s legal community.
BLG was founded over 30 years ago by two Mintz attorneys with a vision of advancing diversity in Boston’s legal community. Today, BLG boasts more than 40 member organizations spanning law firms, corporate law offices, and government agencies. The organization’s mission is to support the efforts of its member organizations to identify, recruit, advance, and retain attorneys of color. BLG’s foundation is built on innovation and collaboration, with each member organization benefiting from the consortium and taking steps independently to achieve the goal of greater diversity.